Bose Launches 'Noise-Masking Sleepbuds,' Earphones Aimed To Help You Sleep Better

June 23, 2018

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Bose, the audio brand that we know and love for its high-end speakers and noise-canceling headphones, has made its first foray into the sleep industry, officially announcing its first-ever “noise-masking sleepbuds” today, that is, earphones designed for sleeping in.


But this new pair of earbuds isn't just for listening to music while you're in bed. They're actually aimed at improving your health.


The sleepbuds work in the same way as normal Bluetooth headphones but they have been specially designed with bedtime in mind, helping you to get off to sleep - and stay that way - without any interruptions. They do this by masking unwanted, external noise and replacing it with soothing sounds, helping to keep you from waking up.


Their small size means they're more comfortable than normal headphones, but they have just enough tech packed in that they can replace the irritating sounds of busy city streets, noisy neighbors or a snoring partner, for instance.


Why sleep earphones?


The idea behind the sleepbuds came after research Bose conducted that suggested a large part of the world population is suffering from sleep deprivation. The firm found that people are not getting enough proper rest when they go to bed on a night, and while most people appreciate the importance of exercise and nutrition to overall wellness, “they don’t understand that proper sleep is just as important”.


I spoke with the firm's executive in charge of product and communication design, Ken Jacob, who said that 60 percent of adults say they have trouble sleeping or getting to sleep.


“According to the center for disease control and prevention, not getting enough sleep is linked with many chronic diseases and conditions that threaten the nation's health," said Jacob.


"More stressed, higher levels of anxiety, slower to react, more indecisive, moodier, and not being able to concentrate are all linked with not enough sleep."




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