Agency Documents

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COMPLETE Steps: How to Sign up an Agent VITAL TO SUCCESS!

Interview Rating Sheet

Quick Start Sheet Updated on 10.8.18


3 Week Agent Funnel

How the 3 Week Funnel Works Updated on 10.10.18

On-The-Job Training Checklist Updated on 10.11.18

Activation Checklist Updated on 10.10.18

Pre-Satellite Location Placement Updated on 10.11.18

Agent 'My Schedule ' Overview Updated on 10.9.18


Agency Apps:

Agency 360 Application COMPLETE PACKET E-Sign Me Here  Updated on 10.8.18

Refund Republic Agency Application E-Sign Me Here Updated on 10.8.18

Refund Republic Financing Agreement E-Sign Me Here Updated on 10.8.18

Agency Owner Compliance Documents List


Agency Benefits/Resources:

Agency Comparisons & Pricing Updated on 11.8.18

Agency 360 Benefits

Business Lending Benefits

Agency Bonuses & Qualifiers

Boss Incubator Pamphlet

Agency Guide Updated on 10.9.18

Ring Central Guide

Jr Agency

Jr Agency White Paper


Seasonal Updates:

Agency Accountable Day Schedule

World Class Customer Service

Floating Foot Print

Illinois Advance Poster

Illinois Spanish Advance Poster

Illinois Advance Disclosure 

Chicago Advance Disclosure Instructions

12 Ways to Use your Tax Refund

Tax Fee Schedule Update Request




How the Money WorksUpdated on 10.9.18

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Break-Out Instructions Updated on 10.9.18

Field Manager

Field Manager Guide Updated on 10.10.18

Field Manager Agreement Updated on 10.10.18 E-Sign


Tax Software

Refund Republic: Creating Logins Updated on 10.11.18

How to Enable Mobile Signature for Tax Returns

Carrier SMS Gateway

Check Reissue Form


Agent Resources

Fingerprint Card

Agent Benefits Updated on 10.8.18

Agent Compliance Check List

Agent Quick Start Sheet EDITABLE Updated on 10.8.18

Six Figure Income 

Floating Footprint

Floating Footprint 

Floating Footprint & Shared Space

Floating Footprint Application & Agreement


Satellite Location

Satellite Location Agreement E-Sign Me Here

Satellite Location Payment Form

Satellite Location Info Packet

Daily Tax Return Sheet (to be turned into property manager weekly)

Satellite Agent Accountability Sheet