Refund Republic Documents

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Tax Payer

Taxpayer Application E-Sign Me Here Updated on 1/16/19

College Taxpayer Application E-Sign Me Here

8879: IRS E-Signature Authorization E-Sign Me Here Updated on 2/5/19

Check Release Form E-Sign Me Here  Updated on 12/6/18

Debit Card Release Form E-Sign Me Here   Updated on 12/6/18

Tax Summary Sheet E-SIGN  Updated on 12/6/18

Taxpayer Compliance Checklist Updated on 12/6/18

Client Survey E-SIGN  Updated on 12/6/18

Client Questionnaire E-SIGN Updated on 12/6/18

Schedule C Declaration E-SIGN  Updated on 12/6/18

Schedule A Declaration E-SIGN  Updated on 12/6/18

Household Help Declaration E-SIGN  Updated on 12/6/18

Child Release Form E-SIGN  NEW on 1/8/19

What's Included on a Tax Return

US vs Them



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